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Slurry Seal

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Slurry seal saves you money by creating a temporary surface that protects the expensive Asphalt surface from wear. Slurry seal is a customized mix of Emulsion Oil,  Slurry Sand (over  60% by weight ) and water.  Slurry Seal is a quick, cost effective, reliable maintenance product that will add years to your Asphalts life. 

 Slurry should be applied within 5 years of Paving. Slurry Seal is designed to last 4 to 7 years depending on volume of traffic.  

Slurry Sealed applied to surfaces 3 to 7 years old will extend the Asphalts expected life 4 to 5 years each application. By reapplying every 4 to 7 years you can keep your Asphalt surface like new.

 Surfaces that are older may require multiple applications to repair raveling.

Slurry Seal replaces the aggregates that has raveled away from wear and will improve your Asphalts water sheding ability. Asphalt that has been slurry sealed is smoother, dries faster and oxidizes slower. The uniform black finish drastically improves the curb appeal of the property. Slurry seal dries quickly and can be driven on the following day.

We offer Airport, Parking Lot & Acreage services. 


***Slurry Seal IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH "Seal coating"***

 "Seal coating" products are much too thin to repair raveling and tend to crack and peel easily in the cold.  

"Hardware store Seal coating" products contain 60% Water! There is only 30% or less of super fine solids such as ash.

"Hardware Store Seal coating" products do not last in our climate and are not comparable to Slurry Seal. 

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